Nicole O

I reached out to Laura in a time where there was great change happening in my life, relationship issues, major changes at work, my daughters were transitioning into adulthood, sick mom – you name it!

I didn’t know what I was anxious about on any given day. Laura helped me to sort through all of it and helped me to identify what was really happening in my head and heart, and we were able to focus on a few key issues that rose to the surface. She helped me to realize when I was being a victim and to regain my inner strength and use my voice in a manner that I could speak my truth, but with love and acceptance. I now realize that other people cannot make you feel a particular way unless you allow them to do so. I have taken back my power, with love in my heart. And my relationships are in a much better place. I am very grateful to Laura for creating a safe and loving space for me to laugh, cry, learn and grow.